Adenoids Treatment in Delhi, NCR & India 

Adenoids are immunity boosters in children but their functions lasts for first 3 years only. The adenoids help them fight with the regular infections in ear, nose and throat. The adenoids are swollen in cases of any infection in children. They can hamper the daily activities such as breathing,eating and sleeping etc due to their enlarged size. Adenoidectomy or the surgical removal of adenoids is the permanent treatment of adenoids infection. Although mild adenoid swelling is treated by the medications as well. 

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Surgical Treatment Available – Yes 

Hospitalization Required – Depends on the Treatment  

Privacy Protected Treatment – Yes 

All Blood Test & Imaging Facilities Available – Yes

Emergency Treatment Available – Yes 

Same Day Appointment Available – Yes   

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Signs and Symptoms of Adenoids Infection


Hampered Nose breathing

Difficulty in eating and breathing

Inability to breathe at night for a few seconds (sleep apnea)

Treatment of Adenoids in Delhi at Diyos

The swollen adenoids are treated with antibiotics at first. However if recurrent infection occurs, the adenoids are removed by a mild surgical procedure. The adenoidectomy is a day care procedure in most cases. 

Adenoids removal surgery provides the following benefits – 

  • Permanent Treatment 
  • Faster Recovery
  • Minor surgical procedure
  • The Adenoids have no function in a kid of above 3 years of age that is why they keep on shrinking as the age advances. So the removal of adenoids have no adverse effects on your child’s immunity or health.
  • Sometimes adenoids are removed along with tonsils and the surgery is known as adenoidtonsillectomy. 


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