Erectile Dysfunction – A Male Issue, Not Anymore!

A significant number of men nowadays diagnosed with impotence that can be cured now. The qualified therapists are today completely trusting on the modern science. The focus has now been shifted to a non-surgical method for treating ED. They are much more effective and work rapidly. Generally, Erectile Dysfunction relates to male issues when they are not able to get the proper erection required for getting intimate.

That’s the reason; the concern is increasing day-by-day. To deal with the ongoing problem, science has developed a lot and promotes a healthier sexual life.

The real cause of Erectile Dysfunction

The arousal of male sexual face asks for the involvement of hormones, brain, nerves, blood vessels and emotions. Any kind of stress and mental health problems might be the reason behind ED. Apart from this; physical and psychological issues also play their part. Mentioned are certain facts which one should know about ED.

  • Normally, this dysfunction is known as a tenacious problem that causes difficulty in maintaining the erection.
  • It is the fact that the reason is not only the medical but psychological problems are also considered to be responsible.
  • There are many medical conditions which generally affect the blood vessels and even nerves which are supplying blood to the penis.
  • The recreational, prescription drugs and smoking are other responsible causes.

Non-Surgical treatment available today

The normal erection depends on hormones, nerve supply and proper blood flow.

  • Shockwave Therapy

The Shockwave therapy for ED in Delhi is based on simple scientific principle which is really promising. It is actually as a pill free method that shows excellent results. Also known as low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy (LISWT), it generally makes use of low-intensity sound waves. Such waves generally pass through erectile tissues and helpful in restoring the natural function. This further results in clearing all the plaque from blood vessels and allows proper flowing of blood through them.

One can choose this treatment over others to get the win-win results. Normally, this therapy refers to patients dealing with heart problems, kidney stones and even joint inflammation. Yes, proper blood flow is quite important for the male erection. Known as less invasive way, the therapy can easily treat the sexual challenge.

  • Oral medication

Another method is choosing oral medications like Cialis, Viagra, Sildenafil and many others which are available. The offered medications are used for improving the erection by inhibiting the enzyme known for minimizing and enhancing the level of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). The inhibition results in relaxing of smooth muscles and allows the blood to reach the male sex organ.

  • Vacuum devices

Vacuum devices are specially designed to get the proper erections for men. Being safe and reliable, the devices actually does not require surgery and hence popular among the men. The users make sure that the right kind of pressure is applied. The device generally comprises of plastic cylinder which is operated by pump and enhance the blood flow to the penis.

  • Penile Injection Therapy

It is another line of treatment which includes the vasodilator injection. This works by relaxing the arteries and enhance the blood flow. It is popular for its invasive nature and highly effective in Erectile Dysfunction. Actually, Papaverine that is known for its vasodilation property is generally injected as a treatment.

  • Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Delhi

Now practices the modern ways to deal with the Erectile Dysfunction. Before going for a treatment one should know what the right kind of treatment suitable for you. Don’t worry! The treatment is here now for you.

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Best shockwave therapy for ED in Delhi

From past few years, the significance of Shockwave therapy is increasing day-by-day. One of the major reasons behind this is that it directly affects the site of injury. Also, few of the treatments which actually show noted results. Yet there are still many people who are not able to believe in the results given by the therapy.

Well, Shockwave therapy is regarded as a form of physiotherapy which generally makes use of sound waves. These waves are responsible for stimulating the healing process in the musculoskeletal system. Hence, this therapy is ideally referred for both chronic and acute pain.As compared to others, the mentioned therapy does not take much time. The Shockwave therapy is generally prescribed especially in spinal cord injuries, vascular and nerve degeneration. Being a non-surgical treatment, there is the use of high frequency and pressure along with compressed air. Further, these waves are transferred to tissues against the inflammatory response and enhance the blood flow to that area.

Yes, your condition is treatable

There are many conditions which are actually treated with Shockwave therapy. Patients detected with plantar fasciitis or heel spurs are generally opting for this therapy and experience good results. If you are looking for modified yet reasonable treatment, then this therapy is the best among others. Mind that other treatments can take time, but it doesn’t imply with the shockwave therapy for ED in Delhi.

Latest innovation of therapy in Erectile Dysfunction

The use of acoustic waves in Erectile Dysfunction is making it usable in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. The overall process is known as neovascularization which results in formation of new blood vessels. The end result isan increase of blood flow in the affected area. According to the studies, such therapy is ideally used for helping out heart patients, those suffering from kidney stones and people undergone fractures and joint inflammation. But, now the low-intensity therapy is recommended in Shockwave therapy.

Erectile Dysfunction is seen on male population when they are unable to get the erections. Proper blood flow is actually responsible for the giving firmness to the penis resulting in easier penetration. LISWT for erectile dysfunction in Delhi is gaining the popularity because of its positive results. Nowadays, this problem has various treatments including vacuum erection devices, pills and even penile erections. Though, the mentioned therapies are generally as needed. But, when we talk about the Shockwave Therapy it is completely different and completely targets the erectile mechanism. By choosing this therapy over others, men can expect the better erections.

How it is done?

The Shockwave therapy includes the process of applying a special gel on the penis along with the probe. By this, the doctors target different areas. The mentioned therapy usually takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete. The clinical trials have shown that the result of Shockwave therapy shows encourage results. On asking the males who have undergone this treatment are happy and now they are able to get the erection. Even those who are facing severe ED are also happy with the results they get from Shockwave therapy.

ED 1000 treatment in Delhi is easily available now for the males. Due to the tolerating results, the men today are ready to take the treatment bravely. They are happy to know that their condition is improving and they are having joyful sex life ahead.


Everything to Know about Prostate Treatment by Laser in Delhi

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) or enlarged prostate gland is a commonly occurring medical ailment in men. It happens mostly in the older men causing problems in urination. Generally, the prostate gland of men starts to enlarge once they reach the age of 40 and above.

BPH is considered a normal natural process but once the prostate gland starts enlarging, there is no stopping which mostly leads to a problem in a urinary system like blocking the flow of urine, frequent urination urges, etc. There are several enlarged prostate treatment procedures and DIYOS HOSPITAL provides minimally invasive prostate treatment by laser in Delhi.

To get the best results to consult a reliable hospital providing the best prostrate treatment in Delhi including effective treatment, medication, and post-treatment care. And Diyos Hospital is one such super specialty hospital backed by one of the best urologists in Delhi, Dr. Vineet Malhotra, Sr. Andrologist and Urologist known globally for his expertise in treating such cases.

Common symptoms of BPH are:

Here are few common symptoms of BPH which when occurs should be taken care of immediately:

  • Bladder seems full even after urinating
  • No control over urination urges
  • Slow urine flow
  • Interrupted trickle-like flow of urine
  • Pain while urinating

In worst cases, the person is unable to urinate at all. This is definitely the alarming stage of BPH, which should be taken care of and treated immediately.

What are the common causes of BPH?

The real cause of BPH is not clearly known; however, it is seen that it occurs mostly in older men or men who are above the age of 40. Although there is one exception that benign prostatic hyperplasia does not happen in men who have their testicles removed prior to hitting the puberty.

Another cause of BPH is reported to be the high production of the estrogen hormone in men. Well, estrogen is the sex hormone produced in women while testosterone is the male sex hormone and men tend to contain some amount of both. With the increasing age, the testosterone level in the blood decreases leaving a high amount of estrogen in it. The higher amount of estrogen in men is seen to promote the prostate cell growth causing BPH.

According to medical researchers, DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), a kind of male hormone plays a major role in prostate development and growth. The high accumulation of DHT in the blood leads to the high growth of prostate causing it to grow in an uncontrolled manner.

Even the doctors at Diyos Hospital, the best urologist in Delhi have seen that men suffering from BPH have the presence of DHT hormone in their body.

How to prevent BPH?

Staying fit and eating healthy may prevent BPH as the common causing agents are excess body fat and consumption of unhealthy foods. As our food and our fitness closely alter our hormonal balance, so to maintain it for better it is advised to stay as close as you could be to complete fitness and healthy eating habits. Dr. Vineet Malhotra, Sr. Andrologist and Urologist at DIYOS Hospital, Delhi not only provides the best prostate treatment in Delhi but also gives effective guidance to recovery and prevention for the same.

How to diagnose BPH?

The best prostate treatment in Delhi is done by following proper procedure and several medical tests such as:

  • Urinalysis (urine test)
  • PSA blood test to check prostate cancer
  • Urinary blood test to check bladder cancer
  • Post-void residual volume (PVR) for measuring urine left after urination
  • Uroflowmetry to check the flow of urine
  • Cystoscopy to check urethra and bladder
  • Urodynamic pressure to analyze pressure in the bladder while urination
  • Prostate Ultrasound

It is best to consult an expert Urologist you see any pain while urinating, burning sensation, and other mentioned symptoms. Dr. Vineet Malhotra is an expert in this field and knows of ways to treat this medical ailment with effective results.


How is BPH Treated?

There are so many known treatments for BPH and out of it; the prostate treatment by laser in Delhi is getting in huge demand. The reason for its rising demand is that it is minimally invasive, no scar or blood loss giving desired results always. 100 Watt Holmium Laser is the best choice for treatment of enlarged prostate.

What will happen after surgery?
Post surgery is the rest time, all you need to do is just relax and take proper medication as provided by your doctor. Generally, after treatment, the occurrence of pain, burning sensation and other symptoms tend to vanish. However, even after the surgery if any of these symptoms persist, you must book an appointment immediately with your surgeon for a consultation.

Are there any side effects to the treatment?

The side effects of the treatment for prostate may vary according to the treatment you choose. The prostate treatment by 100 watts Holmium Laser in Delhi is at a huge demand with minimal side effects and spending cost. But if you experience any slight problems, you must consult your doctor as soon as possible.

How can recurrence of BPH be stopped?

Once the treatment is done for the enlarged prostate, you must take proper medication and attend all of your medical appointments for better recovery. And if needed, take proper treatment whenever required.

Best Kidney Stone Treatment in Delhi- Your complete Guide

Nowadays, there are so many treatment options available for individuals complaining about the pain of kidney stones. If you have already consulted an expert urologist, then you definitely must have been advised to get the Holmium laser treatment for kidney stone treatment in Delhi. No wonder, you must be having so many questions in your mind about the procedure, its results and what next. Therefore, to clear all those doubts, we’ve asked Mr. Vineet Malhotra, Sr. Urologist & Andrologist at DIYOS HOSPITAL, the known best kidney stone treatment hospital in Delhi to share their knowledge about the same.

How does laser Kidney stone surgery work?

The kidney stone laser surgery is a prominent process of kidney stone treatment in Delhi which is minimally invasive. Minimally invasive means no incision on your body is done to remove the stones. Under general anaesthesia, a small lighted instrument called ureteroscope is carefully placed inside the urethra and bladder to access your kidney and ureter. Once the stone is analyzed, using laser-fiber Holmium energy, the urologists break down those kidney stones wherever it is located.The high-power holmium laser turns the kidney stones into a finepowder which then passes through urine after surgery.

A stent between kidney and urethra is placed by the surgeon to enhance the healing process and easy passage of small stones. This tube-like stent is removed after 7to 14 days of the surgery. The surgery usually takes 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete, however, the duration may vary on the size and number of kidney stones present.  For small and multiple stones, RIRS or Flexible Ureteroscopy is performed to make kidney stone free and the procedures don’t require any cut in kidney and is totally non-invasive.  Only the best hospitals for kidney stone treatment in Delhi are known to utilize this advanced technique of holmium laser treatment for treating kidney stones, and DIYOS Hospital is one of them.

What will happen on the surgery day?

Specific instructions relating to your diet and medication will be given to you prior to the procedure, provided by a professional surgeon. And since the operation takes an hour to get completed, you need can go home the same day and even resume your work in the next couple of days.

To successfully complete the surgery, anaesthesia is given by an expert doctor so that you may not feel much pain. Only the best kidney stone treatment hospital in Delhi, DIYOS Hospital is known to be equipped with required machines, medication and medical experts needed for a successful surgery. The advanced medical equipment’s and instruments here at DIYOS Hospital for kidney stone treatment in Delhi is needed to get positive results at the end of the surgery.

What will happen after surgery?

You may still experience a slight pain after the kidney stone treatment, and if you have the stent placed between the kidney and the ureter, then you are more likely to feel more pain around that particular area. And this is because the stent rubs around the kidney/ bladder causing uneasiness and pain. You may also feel sudden urges to urinate or find a little amount of blood in your urine. Pain in the testicles or penis is also commonly seen amongst men after this surgery.

The best hospital for kidney stone treatment in Delhi is Diyos Hospital as it is backed by renowned urologists who know the best effective treatment for kidney stone in Delhi. The doctor will then prescribe you some medications for facilitating the post-recovery after surgery and to avoid stone reformation inside the body. These medications include antibiotics helping against any infection, pain and also to give relief from bladder spasm and burning sensation while urinating.

It is advised to drink a lot of water so that proper lubrication may be provided to the stent so that the small stones can easily move out of the kidney. Looking for an honest tip here? Well, stay near to the bathroom so you do not feel a problem or irritated going to the bathroom to urinate so frequently.

Once the surgery is done, you can leave for the home and take some rest. Moreover, the best part is that you can resume your normal day to day activities exactly the next day after surgery. Although, it advised to avoid high-intensity exercises or any kind of strain or pressure on the lower part of the body until the stent is removed.

What is the follow-up care after surgery?

You know how important it is to care for your body and follow the given medication after kidney stone treatment in Delhi, so as to avoid the recurrence of kidney stones in your body again. Do visit your surgeon to get yourself checked post surgery to determine any complications or problem caused during that particular time.If you have the stent then you must definitely visit your surgeon to get it removed without causing any complications. The urologist will place the cystoscope, a small lighted instrument which is used to remove the stent.

The removal of the stent is all up to the consideration of your surgeon. Sometimes the stent is seen to assist in the healing process, so it is left there as long as it is needed. The stent can remain as long as 3 months inside the body, so do not worry if the stent is not removed after surgery. However, do make sure you have an appointment booked with your surgeon to remove it at the right time.

Post surgery, your kidney stone is sent to a laboratory for further analysis based on which the doctor will recommend you medication as well as preventive measures. Urine tests are done both prior to and post surgery to check of its composition and to decide the medication for the same.

Since kidney stone has come out as a commonly recurring ailment, getting the affordabletreatment for kidney stone in Delhi at the best hospitals for kidney stone in Delhi has become the right thing to do. Now that you are aware of the whole procedure, make sure you connect with the expert urologist at the best kidney stone treatment hospital in Delhii.e Diyos Hospital to get the best possible treatment.

Do not hesitate to consult your doctor, if you start experiencing the symptoms again. Get the best treatment and stay healthy.

Vineet Malhotra

Everything you should know about Erectile Dysfunction

In a shocking revelation, it is seen that half of the men population feel shy discussing their sexual problems and with no attention, a significant number of men die per year. This leads to a significant rise in the number of men facing sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, testosterone deficiency, and many more. Prior to searching for the best impotence treatment in Delhi, it is quite important to know what exactly these sexual problems are and how can they be treated.

What is erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Erectile dysfunction (or ED), is also referred to as male impotence, in which a man’s sexual part is unable to get an erection or maintain it for a satisfactory duration of sexual intercourse. However, it would be wrong to say that ED is a disease, instead, it is your body’s way of saying that it is in a problem. More than half of the men of ages above 45 face the problem of erectile dysfunction. Recently, it has come to the notice that ED is affecting young men too.

ED can be caused due to some health disorders like diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, neural disorder, depression and may even due to some side effects of medications. Sexual health is very much needed in determining the quality of men’s life and since it is so important, a number of male infertility treatment centre are providing best impotence treatment in Delhi at an affordable package.

The top treatment for impotence in Delhi NCR is seen to enhance the sexual satisfaction and intimacy improving the overall quality of sex life. So, if you are facing any, it is high time to connect with the best sexologist in Delhi who is known to proffer satisfactory results for this condition.

Is impotence the same as erectile dysfunction?

Don’t be surprised, if we say that both these terms mean the same. However, none of this term should be confused with premature ejaculation or other medical condition. Premature ejaculation is a medical condition in which the entire process of sexual intercourse, right from the arousal to erection and ejaculation, everything occurs very quick, sometimes in minutes and even seconds. In worse, premature ejaculation may be accompanied by erectile dysfunction and hence getting the best treatment for ED in Delhi is the right thing to do at that point.

What is the best treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in Delhi NCR?


The effective treatment for erectile dysfunction includes sexual counselling, proper medications, therapies, penile injections, or urethral suppositories. The top male infertility treatment centre in Delhi conform a highly-qualified team of urology specialist versed in treating ED effectively. If none of this treatment is effective, other surgical methods such as penile enlargement surgery is considered highly effective when it comes to getting positive results. Penile enlargement surgery has been heard to be very successful in terms of results and getting positive outcomes, when done under the supervision of best sexologist in Delhi.

Talking about sexual problems is a sensitive issue but in fact a very crucial one. So, never hesitate to discuss details about your intimate life with your doctor, if you are facing any kind of problem. The sexologist experts in Delhi are efficient and knowledgeable enough to provide you with with the right kind of treatment with minimum side effects.

Why Visit Best Sexologist Doctor in Delhi?

If you are worried thinking that there is no one who can help you guide you when it comes to regulating your sexual desires, then you are wrong. Human relationships are subjected to a lot of misunderstandings, and it gets more problematic when sex life is taken into consideration. Most men feel shy to discuss these issues and hence avoid taking any help, even when it is the right thing to do. Only the best sexologist doctor in Delhi, who specializes in treating sexual problems, can help you deal with it.

Here is how:

Are you facing low sex drive?

If you think you are bound to get physically intimate with your partner then you should definitely seek professional help of the best sexologist in Delhi. You may feel distant due to multiple reasons like hormonal changes, certain medications, stress, and fatigue. If you feel you have a low sex drive and it is becoming an ongoing problem of your life, you must definitely look for consultation from the best sexologist doctor in Delhi.

Are you feeling intense sexual desires?

If you’re experiencing intense sexual urges which you find abnormal, strange and very new to you, then you should consider going for a consultation from the best sexologist doctor in Delhi. You might be facing some psychological problems affecting your conscience in such a way that you feel anxious in your day to day life. No wonder, contacting a sexologist specialist in Delhi is the right thing to do.

Psychological reasons

In most cases, it is found that several physiological problems are associated with the cause of sexual disorders in men. Sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, impotence, etc are getting more common these days. No wonder, these sexual problems can be treated with proper medication and consultation from an expert sexologist in Delhi.

Unfulfillment of sexual desires

When you face instances where your sexual desires do not match potentially with your partner, you definitely need proper consultation from sexologist specialist in Delhi. It could be due to undulating sexual drives, sometimes it may get uncontrollable and other time you may feel uninterested totally.

Performance Anxiety

If you are obsessed with sexual desires thinking of pleasure activities all the time but when it comes to performance you may face some problem, then you are into a mess which only the best sexologist expert can clear up. On the other hand, performance anxiety is very much due to the psychological issues you face in general. Moreover, this needs immediate treatment from an expert sexologist in Delhi.

Traumatic Experience

God forbid if you’ve experienced any traumatic sexual abuse in your childhood, it may cause after effects when you age and get sexually active. It is very important to come out of such a traumatic experience and only expert sexologist can help you do Try opening up with your sexologist to get effective mental therapy to avoid performance anxiety later on.

Last but not least, if you are failing to achieve orgasm then also you should think of getting a consultation from an expert sexologist in Delhi. So, every nick and bit should be taken seriously and shared with a medical expert when it comes to health.

Why Testosterone replacement therapy in Delhi has a huge demand?

With the increasing age, most men face the symptoms indicating the low testosterone levels. No wonder, there is a natural decline in the level of testosterone circulation in the body, as men grow older. Here are the visible symptoms that are seen when testosterone level gets low:

  • Decreased energy
  • Low sex drive (Decreased libido)
  • Problem in getting an erection
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Change in psychological & cognitive function
  • Constant mood swings /depression
  • In some, iron deficiency and osteoporosis is also seen as the visible symptom of low testosterone level.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, then it is advised to consult an affiliated endocrinologist and go for testosterone deficiency treatment in Delhi at a reckoned infertility treatment centre. If you are diagnosed with low testosterone level, this means your body is not producing enough testosterone causing erectile dysfunction and male hypogonadism. So, getting hypogonadism treatment in Delhi under expert medical supervision is the best thing to do.

Testosterone replacement therapy in Delhi from a reputed male infertility treatment centre is in a huge demand these days. This is due to the quality of treatment provided using advanced tools and techniques ensuring desired results. The testosterone replacement therapy is helpful in getting the desired results at the end.

Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy Safe?  

Under the supervision of professional medical experts, this testosterone replacement therapy is safe. However, the TRT is seen to have after effects of stimulating the growth of prostrate, so the men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer should consult an affiliated urologist to know if he can undergo the testosterone replacement therapy in Delhi, without triggering cancer. So, this is the major reason why urologists perform PSA test to know if you have by any chance the symptoms of prostate cancer.

The body of every man reacts variedly to testosterone replacement therapy and if left unnoticed may lead to further complications. Therefore, it is advised to get the treatment done the expert supervision of male infertility treatment doctors.

Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

As the symptoms and after effects of testosterone deficiency treatment varies from man to man, so is its benefits. The increased sex-drive along with an enhanced level of erection is seen in men as the most visible and desired benefits. Some men have seen themselves getting leaner due to the loss of body fat which melts away like due to the increase in testosterone level. And no more sleepless nights, no more fatigue and depression. All that comes is improved energy level and improved sleep quality.

Testosterone replacement therapy should always be opted from a certified medical expert, as avoiding so could lead to certain side effects. Men who are into having body building supplement can experience body harming after effects causing fertility complications and other side effects.

However, with all these benefits it is still considered best to consult an expert physician who knows how and why testosterone replacement therapy will be helpful for you, prior to going for the testosterone deficiency treatment in Delhi from a reputed male infertility treatment centre.


Best Treatment for ED in Delhi for Young men

What is erectile dysfunction?

The erection of sexual organ in male involves the flexes of brain, nerves, hormones, muscles, as well as the circulatory system. Together these flexes help in improving the functioning of the erectile tissue in the penis with blood, leading to erection. Men suffering with erectile dysfunction (ED) face trouble maintaining the erection during sexual intercourse. Some may have a problem maintaining the erection for some time while others may be entirely unable to get it.

The onset of erectile dysfunction surgery in Delhi provides extensive treatment for ED in men.

How prevalent is ED in Young Men?

It was believed that ED is more prevalent in older men but with changing times this sexual problem is now reported more in young men. Discussing about ED with best sexologist doctor in Delhi is not what young men feel comfortable about. They look for an effective and best treatment for ED in Delhi from a reckoned healthcare centre.

How does it happen?

Before you head on to get the erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi, it is better to know about the causes of ED in Young men. The major causes of ED are divided into two major categories:
1. Physical Causes
2. Psychological Causes

Physical causes

Getting and maintaining the erection requires proper blood circulation in the body, right from brain to other parts. Chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, hypertension, thyroid, etc. may lead to ED as these diseases are some or the other way linked to inefficient blood supply and tissues.

The hormonal disorders due to increasing age may contribute to ED, no wonder the guys using steroids and external proteins to build muscle face problems in maintaining erection during sexual intercourse. Consulting the experts for getting the erectile dysfunction surgery in Delhi is definitely the right thing to do.

Psychological causes

The factors such as depression and anxiety play a major role in interfering with the process where brain sends refluxes to erectile tissue for penis erection. If you are no longer feeling excited from the things you once thought were pleasurable during sexual intercourse or withdrawing yourself completely from them, it may be time for you to get the erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi.

Stressed jobs, hectic life, drug usage, relationship issues, excessive alcohol contribute to the psychological factors leading to ED in young men.

Treatments for ED in Young Men

The best treatment for erectile dysfunction in Delhi is available at DIYOS at an affordable pricing. The erectile dysfunction surgery in Delhi is one of the common treatments used nowadays for effective results in the end. It is advised to not ignore the symptoms of ED and treatment, as ignorance of any of this could lead to long term health problems.

Erectile Dysfunction Surgery in Delhi

The Erectile Dysfunction surgery in Delhi is a hope for young men to have a satisfying sexual life back. When done under expert guidance, erectile dysfunction surgery in Delhi comes out to be successful giving positive results.

We know, discussing about erectile dysfunction is uncomfortable, especially for the younger men. But it should be known that unlike others Erectile dysfunction is treatable and unavoidable.

It is very crucial to take medical advice from the professional sexologist experts in Delhi NCR as they are expert in this domain. And approaching the health center offering the best treatment for ED in Delhi is the right thing to do.



Sexologist Specialist in Delhi treating sexual problems of Men

If you are experiencing any trouble or dissatisfaction while doing sex due to any physical or psychological reasons, you probably may be having some sexual problem to counter with. Sexual problems in men are very common health problem affecting a huge per cent of men of all ages. An effective sex problem treatment in Delhi by sexologist specialist in Delhi is most likely to help solve this problem in a better way.

As per the sexologist specialist in Delhi, more than 15% of couples are infertile nowadays. And unbalanced lifestyle and psychological reasons are few of the major reason contributing to it. This creates problems for them like sexual dissatisfaction, problems in getting pregnant, and much more. So, to get in touch with a reliable sex specialist in Delhi is the right thing to do. You can only do it effectively if you know the common sexual problems faced by men.

Here are the common sex problems in men:

Erectile dysfunction: When men face problem in maintaining an erection during sex regularly and often, the problem may be termed as erectile dysfunction. The reasons contributing to this problem could be performance anxiety, depression, and disappointment. Some other major health issues like cardiovascular problems, kidney ailments, diabetes, etc. also add to the list. So, if you are facing any symptoms close to erectile dysfunction, you must think of consulting to a sexologist specialist in Delhi. It is observed that the chances of developing ED increase highly with age.

Premature ejaculation: A huge number of the men suffer from premature ejaculation at times, but if this occurs regularly then you must look for the best treatment for premature ejaculation in Delhi at DIYOS under the expert supervision of professional sexologist here. They are adept in providing the right treatment and medication for this condition which is aimed to bring back your sex life to normal.

Delayed ejaculation: As a few people suffer from premature ejaculation, there are some who face situations like delayed or no ejaculation. According to the best sexologist in Delhi, during this condition, the men are not able to ejaculate during sex and happen to do it afterwards. This ultimately leads to frustration in men and dissatisfaction in their sexual life.

Lower libido: With so much of lifestyle pressure and busy working life, people do not have time to take care of their health or do something about it. Living in constant work pressure, depression, and anxiety affects their sexual life in the long run. This further decreases their desire to get intimate with their partner or have sex. If this continues for a longer duration of time, you must be having a low libido level which needs medical attention and treatment from the best sexologist doctor in Delhi.

Small Penis Size: It is often said that the size of the penis describes the manhood of a person. Men who have a bigger penis are expected to satisfy their partner more than the ones who have a smaller penis. Not every man has a bigger penis so they look for the best penis enlargement treatment in Delhi at an affordable price range. DIYOS provide highly professional penis enlargement treatment in Delhi under the guidance of expert sexologist in Delhi.

Low Sperm Count: Infertility has emerged as a commonly occurring ailment in men nowadays. Unhealthy lifestyle, improper food habits, anxiety, etc. are some of the reasons contributing to the lessening of sperm count in men. If you are suffering from the condition in which your body produces low sperms, it is time to get the right treatment for the low sperm count at DIYOS, the best hospital in Delhi for treating sexual problems.

If you are suffering from any of these ailments mentioned above, and have been ignoring it for a long time. Then it is high time to look for an expert sexologist doctor in Delhi who can provide you reliable treatments and consultation for the same. These sexual problems do not only happen at the older age, but even the young men are also facing sexual problems nowadays. So, instead of opting for such quick and unidentified medications, it is highly advised to get in touch with the best sexologist doctor in Delhi at DIYOS for better results.

Sexologist specialist in Delhi
Best doctor for Erectile dysfunction 

How to get the best treatment for ED in Delhi?

To get the best treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in Delhi, it is very important to know everything about ED and its symptoms too.

Erectile dysfunction (ED), is also called impotence refers to the inability in men to having problems in maintaining an erection during sex. Erection of the penis is a natural process, and if it doesn’t happen, it is definitely a matter of concern which needs to be medically attended. The hormones responsible for erection are triggered by the brain, so if there is a problem in receiving and sending of commands from the brain to penis and fro, it is advised to get the best treatment for ED in Delhi. No wonder, proper erection of penis ensures satisfying intercourse.

The hormone responsible for generating sexual drive in men is called testosterone. The testosterone hormone production increases during puberty which further influences the development of primary and secondary sexual characteristics in males. Characteristics like muscles, deepening invoice, and an increase in penis size, emotional development, beard and much more are the visible ones. The role of testosterone continues until the later stages of life while maintaining the physical health, libido, and emotional well-being in men. Any kind of abnormality in testosterone level may lead to problems in the sexual and physical well-being of men. This is the reason why testosterone deficiency treatment in Delhi is at a very high demand nowadays.

Here is a list of symptoms you can learn to understand more about testosterone deficiency in male and the reason to opt for the best treatment for ED in Delhi:

Low energy level: Fatigue is one of the most prominent and visible signs of ED in males. You may feel tired and exhausted all day long without actually doing any sort of mechanical or mental work. In addition, despite sleeping for 6-8hours daily, if you feel tired, get yourself checked by the professional sex expert at  DIYOS Hospital for getting the best treatment for ED in Delhi.

Low Sex Drive: If you are experiencing a sudden drop in your sex drive or facing repeated erection problems, then there are significant chances of you having testosterone deficiency. Get it checked and look for the best treatment for ED in Delhi. The expert male health doctors at Diyos Hospital provide reliable treatment for the same.

Change in psychological behaviour: Low testosterone level may be due to improper sending of signals from brain which may be affecting the normal psych of the individual in long run. If you are facing concentration problem or getting more stressed than normal, you must check for the testosterone levels in your body.

Increased body weight: If you have had a fit body all these long years and suddenly start gaining weight, your body must be signaling you something wrong happening inside. And to the most common speculations, it could be testosterone deficiency. So, getting the best treatment for ED in Delhi is advised for better results.

Psychological Changes: Testosterone deficiency significantly changes your mood and drives some direct psychological changes like stress or anxiety. If you think you are no longer what you used to be, then it is high time to consult your doctor for the same.

Muscle Drop: Testosterone hormone is responsible for the growth of male physical characteristics like muscle gain. Therefore, any change in testosterone or its functioning may affect the muscle growth in your body and may visibly affect your appearance.

So, it is advised to get in touch with professional doctors at Diyos hospital who are adept in treating male health problems in the most effective manner. The testosterone deficiency treatment in Delhi at affordable cost with reliable results is only available at Diyos Hospital, so come and get yourself the best treatment for ED in Delhi.