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Are you looking for the best hospital for treating male sexual dysfunction in Delhi? Well, it would be best to know if there are any good chances of getting testosterone deficiency treatment in Delhi or not. Testosterone is a sex hormone which is found in both men and women but has a more significant role in men with its concentration higher up to 10 times. This hormone regulates the masculine changes in men right from puberty to becoming mature or you can say from generating sperm to building muscle mass. Testosterone deficiency is not so common in men but if it does happen it may be due to certain reasons like the slow functioning of the brain in sending signals to stimulate testicles to release testosterone. Other reasons like diseases such as undescended testicle, a brain tumor or mumps occurring due to the side effects of some medications or chemotherapy/radiotherapy.

However, the trends have changed in the last few years as a large number of testosterone deficient cases are recorded in young men having no disease. The testosterone level starts decreasing by the time men reaches 30 years of age. And by 40 years of age, almost 10-30% of men are already found testosterone deficient, which keeps on rising with age. 

Symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency

The most significant symptoms of testosterone deficiency are the reduced sex appetite, erectile dysfunction and lesser enjoyment from sex. Apart from this, another notable symptom is the low energy feeling every time, reduced concentration, and memory. 

Testosterone plays a major role in muscle building and hence any fluctuation in its level or specifically the deficiency forms more lean muscle mass resulting in unwanted body shape and mass gain. The other notable symptom of testosterone deficiency is the weakening of the vertebrae in the lower spine. 

Testosterone Deficiency Treatment In Delhi

The symptoms of testosterone deficiency are not normally visible in humans and hence require a proper lab test for confirmation. In addition, the level of testosterone tends to change rapidly with increasing age and occurring disease. The deficiency of testosterone is lesser in older people as compared to younger ones.  For this, some blood tests are done to count the exact proportion of testosterone in males. 

The most proven treatment for this deficiency is testosterone replacement in males done at the best hospital for male sexual dysfunction in Delhi. The testosterone replacement comes in the form of an injection or gel which imparts some side effects like oily skin, fluid retention in the body but when taken in long-term, the chance of antigen causing prostate cancer tends to increase resulting in blood thickening and finally heart attack. This is one of the major reason contributing to the limited number of testosterone deficiency treatment centers in Delhi

Finally, it is very important to consult a professional doctor who specializes in providing reliable testosterone deficiency treatment in Delhi at an affordable budget. Here at DIYOS, the best hospital for male sexual dysfunction in Delhi, you would find a proficient team of doctors who consistently strives to provide world-class treatments and guidance for a wide range of male sexual disorders.

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