Everything you should know about erectile dysfunction 

In a shocking revelation, it is seen that half of the men population feel shy discussing their sexual problems and with no attention, a significant number of men die per year. This leads to a significant rise in the number of men facing sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, testosterone deficiency, and many more. Prior to searching for the best impotence treatment in Delhi, it is quite important to know what exactly these sexual problems are and how can they be treated.  

What is erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Erectile dysfunction (or ED), is also referred to as male impotence, in which a man’s sexual part is unable to get an erection or maintain it for a satisfactory duration of sexual intercourse. However, it would be wrong to say that ED is a disease, instead, it is your body’s way of saying that it is in a problem. More than half of the men of ages above 45 face the problem of erectile dysfunction. Recently, it has come to the notice that ED is affecting young men too. 

ED can be caused due to some health disorders like diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, neural disorder, depression and may even due to some side effects of medications. Sexual health is very much needed in determining the quality of men’s life and since it is so important, a number of male infertility treatment centre are providing best impotence treatment in Delhi at an affordable package.

The top treatment for impotence in Delhi NCR is seen to enhance the sexual satisfaction and intimacy improving the overall quality of sex life. So, if you are facing any, it is high time to connect with the best sexologist in Delhi who is known to proffer satisfactory results for this condition. 

Is impotence the same as erectile dysfunction?

Don’t be surprised, if we say that both these terms mean the same. However, none of this term should be confused with premature ejaculation or other medical condition. Premature ejaculation is a medical condition in which the entire process of sexual intercourse, right from the arousal to erection and ejaculation, everything occurs very quick, sometimes in minutes and even seconds. In worse, premature ejaculation may be accompanied by erectile dysfunction and hence getting the best treatment for ED in Delhi is the right thing to do at that point.  

What is the best treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in Delhi NCR?

The effective treatment for erectile dysfunction includes sexual counselling, proper medications, therapies, penile injections, or urethral suppositories. The top male infertility treatment centre in Delhi conform a highly-qualified team of urology specialist versed in treating ED effectively. If none of this treatment is effective, other surgical methods such as penile enlargement surgery for ED opt. 

Talking about sexual problems is a sensitive issue but in fact a very crucial one. So, never hesitate to discuss details about your intimate life with your doctor, if you are facing any kind of problem. The sexologist experts in Delhi are efficient and knowledgeable enough to provide you with with the right kind of treatment with minimum side effects. 


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