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Diabetes Treatment in Delhi, NCR & India

Diabetes, commonly known as sugar, is a lifestyle disease in which the body fails to keep the blood sugar levels within normal limits. Diabetes can be controlled by using various treatment measures. Diabetes can be of two types, diabetes mellitus (type 2) and diabetes insipidus (type 1). Type 1 diabetes can not be treated whereas type 2 diabetes can be managed and even treated with bariatric weight loss surgery in obses patients.
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Surgical Treatment Available – Yes
All Blood Test & Imaging Facilities Available –       Yes
Hospitalization Required – Depends on the       Treatment
Emergency Treatment Available – Yes
Privacy Protected Treatment – Yes
Same Day Appointment Available – Yes

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Diyos hospital is the best hospital in Delhi for diabetes (high blood sugar) treatment and management. We take utmost care for our patients and we are well equipped with the latest technology for a world-class treatment. Expect the best care from Diyos!
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Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes


Types of Diabetes

Diabetes can be of two types

  • Type 1 – Diabetes Insipidus – This is present by birth in children and it is not treatable. The person has to depend on insulin injections all his/her life.
  • Type 2 – Diabetes Mellitus – This is a lifestyle disorder and it happens in adults mostly. It is treatable and controllable with lifestyle modification, medicines and weight loss surgery.

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Causes of Diabetes

  • Birth Defect in pancreas
  • Dysfunction of beta cells
  • Pancreatic tumor
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Stress
  • Obesity

Treatment of Diabetes in Delhi at Diyos Hospital

  • Lifestyle Modification – The dietary modification is advised to the patient as per the sugar values in blood and overall body weight. Specific exercises are advised to consume the excess sugar in the blood.
  • Medications – Medicines, normally called as hypoglycemics are prescribed to lower down the blood sugar levels in the blood. In case of uncontrolled sugar readings, insulin injections are prescribed to the patient.
  • Weight loss Bariatric Surgery – These weight loss surgeries are known to cure diabetes, especially in obese patients. Weight loss surgeries such as gastric band surgery, gastric sleeve surgery or gastric bypass surgery are perfect for such purpose. They reduce the weight of the patient dramatically and are effective in managing diabetes as well.
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