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Prevalence of Erectile dysfunction in Indian males is increasing day by day, it is about 16 to 25 percent in normal males and about 50 percent in diabetic males. The treatment of erectile dysfunction (commonly known as ED) is very important as it can worsen with time. The patient having ED suffers from low sex drive, inability to maintain or initiate an erection and increased stress levels. Diyos hospitals is known for the best erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi due to its experienced sexologists and world-class facilities under one roof.


Here are the best treatment options for erectile dysfunction performed successfully at Diyos hospital, delhi.

1. Medications


Medications that increase the blood flow and sexual drive are given in order to provide a better erection at the time of sexual activity. These medications almost always provide instant effect in the mild and moderate erectile dysfunction cases along with other measures.


2. Painless Shockwave Therapy


LISWT or shockwave therapy is one of the latest treatments for ED. We use ED-1000 machine at diyos to deliver this therapy. In this treatment the probe is kept on the penile area and some soundwaves are given for about 20 minutes. The basic principle of this treatment is increasing the blood supply of the penis area and treat erection. Effectiveness of therapy starts showing within 4 weeks. Know about the painless shockwave therapy here.

3. Penile Injections


These injections provide hard erection when injected 10-20 minutes before the sexual activity. The erection lasts for more than 30 to 60 minutes. It is an option for moderate and severe cases of erectile dysfunction.

4. Penile Implants


This is a surgical treatment for severe ED cases or for those who fail to respond to other non-surgical treatments. In this surgery, an inflatable implant is implanted in the penis area which is connected with two pumps or reservoirs internally. On pressing the pumps the penis gets full erection due to the inflation of the implant. These penile implants are hidden under the skin and provide the most natural erection as compared to other types.

5. Testosterone Replacement


This can be the treatment option if erectile dysfunction has happened because of the testosterone deficiency. If this is the case then testosterone replacement therapy is the method of choice and gives great results as well.


6. Counselling for ED


Sometimes the cause of erectile dysfunction is stress and other related mental reasons. In such cases counselling and medicines play a vital role in treating ED. As most of the time, a single episode of erectile dysfunction creates a fear in the mind of the patient thereby leading to further stress, low confidence and worsening of symptoms. Such issues can be treated with counselling from an experienced sexologist.


Diyos is the leading hospital in Delhi for all sexology disorders and men related urology issues. It is known for the best ED treatment in Delhi NCR. You can book an appointment with our experienced sexologists to discuss your problem. We understand the sensitivity of the topic so your privacy is protected, always. Book Appointment here or call us on +91 9910120836, 01149755555

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