Face Cosmetic Surgery Treatment in Delhi, NCR India 

Advancing age calls for wrinkles, sagging skin on face and neck etc. The advanced face lift is the perfect treatment for tightening the skin and giving it a youthful look. Face cosmetic surgery is not just face lift but also lip reduction surgery, dropped eyelid treatment and rhinoplasty or nose surgery etc.

These face surgeries are the best cosmetic treatments to get perfect face features. Book an Appointment at Diyos for perfect face cosmetic surgery treatment in Delhi here. 

Surgical Treatment Available – Yes 

Hospitalization Required – Depends on the Treatment  

Privacy Protected Treatment – Yes 

All Blood Test & Imaging Facilities Available – Yes

Emergency Treatment Available – Yes 

Same Day Appointment Available – Yes   

Get Treated by the Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi, NCR & India

.Diyos hospital is the best hospital in Delhi for face cosmetic surgery treatment. We take utmost care for our patients and we are well equipped with the latest technology for a world-class treatment. Expect the best care from Diyos!

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Which Face Cosmetic Surgeries are available at Diyos, Delhi?

Face lift

Eyelid Correction Surgery

Rhinoplasty or Nose Correction

Lip Reduction Surgery

Face Lift Treatment in Delhi , at Diyos


This is a popular procedure among celebrities and people (both males and females) in their 40s and 50s. The incision is made behind the ear and it goes through the scalp. The location of incision remains hidden thereby giving the surgery a more natural look. The experience of surgeon matters a lot in this surgery as the face must give a natural look after the surgery and not the ‘tightened artificial look’. The surgery requires an overnight stay at the hospital. 

Lip Reduction Surgery in Delhi at Diyos


Lip reduction is a commonly performed surgery, as the name suggests, the large lip is reduced in size to make it aesthetically pleasing. This surgery improves the overall look of the face. The surgery includes incising the lip in horizontal line as per the patient’s requirements and the excess tissue is removed. After that, the incision is closed. The swelling increases for the first three days and then starts decreasing resulting to almost normal size within 4 to 6 weeks.  It is a day care procedure.

Eyelid Correction Surgery in Delhi


Eyelid correction surgery, also known as blepharoplasty is the best cosmetic surgery to correct the heavy droopy eyelids. The excess fat or excess skin (which ever requires removal) is removed and the incision is closed. The patient is generally given local anesthesia and the small scars are folded inside the natural creases on the eyelid thereby not visible. The same issue can be corrected with lower eyelids as well. Other problems around the eye such as dropped eyebrows, dark circles around the eyes etc are also treated with surgery and laser if required. The surgery is mostly a day care procedure. 


Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is a very important part of cosmetic surgery. Get all the details about rhinoplasty here. 


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