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Gall Bladder Stones Surgery in Delhi, NCR India 

Gallbladder is a small finger like organ that is situated near liver and collects bile. This bile is produced by liver and gallbladder acts as its storehouse. The bile is then released into the small intestine when food has been eaten. This helps in the digestion of the food. Sometimes these bile pigments and fat create small stone like formations.


These stones are painful and surgery is the only option of treatment. Diyos, is considered as the best hospital in delhi for gallbladder stone removal surgery. 

Surgical Treatment Available – Yes 

Hospitalization Required – Depends on the Treatment  

Privacy Protected Treatment – Yes 

All Blood Test & Imaging Facilities Available – Yes

Emergency Treatment Available – Yes 

Same Day Appointment Available – Yes   

Get Treated by the Best Urologist & Sexologist in Delhi, NCR & India

Dr Sunil Garg is the senior consultant at Diyos for minimal invasive surgery. He is a laparoscopy specialist doctor. 

Diyos hospital is one of the best urinary/kidney stone treatment hospitals in Delhi. We care for our patients and understand how sensitive the topic is, we take utmost care to keep our patient’s record confidential. Expect the best care from Diyos!

You can book an appointment with our urologist here.

What are the Advantages of Bariatric Surgery for Weight loss

Faster weight loss

Easy to follow lifestyle

Efficient and minimal invasive

Laparoscopic Surgery

Can reduce upto 70 percent of excess body weight

What are the different types of Bariatric Surgeries performed for weight loss in Delhi, India?


These surgeries are based on the principle of reducing the size of the stomach so that the patient feels full after eating just a small amount of food. The calorie intake remains low and the body utilizes excess fat for energy requirements.

Mainly three different types of bariatric surgeries are performed at Diyos by laparoscopic technique. These are –


  1. Gastric Band Bariatric Surgery
  2. Gastric Sleeve Bariatric Surgery
  3. Gastric Bypass for weight loss 

What is Gastric Band Bariatric Surgery?


In this surgery a band is tied on the upper section of the stomach thus creating a small pouch. This pouch functions as the stomach and the rest of the stomach is filled with saline. This small stomach size leads to less hunger, less calorie intake and thereby increase weight loss. This is a safe method and the major advantage of this gastric band weight loss surgery is that it doesn’t lead to any malabsorption or deficiency of minerals in the body. 

The weight loss process may be slower than the other two bariatric procedures. The best gastric banding procedure for weight loss in Delhi is available at Diyos hospital.  

What is Gastric Sleeve Bariatric Surgery?


The gastric sleeve surgery is a more aggressive measure for weight loss than the gastric band. It induces faster weight loss and more than 50 percent of excess weight is shed. In this procedure, a sleeve is created by excising the major part of the stomach. This sleeve functions as the stomach and the rest is taken out. 

This weight loss surgery also has an added advantage that it helps in controlling the blood sugar levels. This gastric sleeve weight loss surgery is a non-reversible procedure and the patient may need to take multivitamins at regular intervals. 

What is Gastric Bypass Bariatric Surgery for weight loss?


This is the gold standard surgical procedure for weight loss by surgery. In this surgery, the stomach is divided into two parts, a small and a large one. The small part is connected to the small intestine to induce digestion straightaway. This small part acts as the full functioning stomach now. This procedure induces the fastest weight loss and to a greater extent than other surgeries that is from 60 to 80 percent of the excess weight is lost. 

The patient needs to take multivitamins and minerals to treat the deficiency caused by the malabsorption.  


Diyos is the best hospital for all kinds of bariatric surgeries for weight loss in Delhi, India. We have the best laparoscopic experts in Delhi for bariatric procedures. Book Appointment Now to become a slimmer version of you!

About Diyos Hospital Safdarjung Enclave Delhi


Diyos is a multispeciality hospital that has various dedicated departments like Andrology, Urology, Laparoscopic Surgery, Aesthetic, Ortopaedics, ENT, Bariatric Surgery, Counselling & Therapy. Our experienced and qualified doctors are dedicated towards their patients and ensure the best care always.

Our staff of medical professionals and licensed physicians will diagnose each patient in a private consultation session which will include a thorough medical history, blood work, physical examination and other health related tests, if required. We believe in perfect medical treatment that provides the quality of life the patient is seeking.

Our mission is managing your health and preventing your health problems. Our approach is to personalize and positively impact your health. The cornerstones of our strategies are early detection and early treatment of health related problems and diseases. Our clear goal is to help you in your hard days and fight the disease with you.

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