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Gestational/Pregnancy Diabetes Treatment in Delhi, NCR & India

Diabetes during pregnancy or elevated blood sugar levels during pregnancy is known as gestational diabetes. This gestational diabetes must be treated well in time as the increased blood sugar levels in the mother’s blood can harm the baby and the mother as well. Best treatment of gestational diabetes in delhi is available at diyos hospital by our endocrinologists and gynaecologists doctors.

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Surgical Treatment Available - Yes

Hospitalization Required - Depends on the Treatment

Privacy Protected Treatment - Yes

All Blood Test & Imaging Facilities Available - Yes

Emergency Treatment Available - Yes

Same Day Appointment Available - Yes

Get Treated by the Best Gestational Diabetes Specialist Doctors in Delhi, NCR & India

Diyos hospital is the best hospital in Delhi for treatment of diabetes during pregnancy. We take utmost care for our patients and we are well equipped with the latest technology for a world-class treatment. Expect the best care from Diyos!

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Causes of Gestational Diabetes or Pregnancy Diabetes

Genetic History of diabetes

Gestational diabetes in last pregnancy

Unhealthy eating habits

Excess weight

Pregnant mother in more than 28 years old

Why this type of Diabetes Occurs in Pregnancy?


Pancreas is a leaf like organ situated near the stomach and it releases a hormone, insulin which ensures the optimum blood sugar levels. During pregnancy, the placenta (connection between mother and baby) produces many anti-insulin hormones, these hormones sometimes make the blood sugar levels abnormally high. This condition is known as gestational diabetes.

Treatment of Gestational Diabetes in Delhi, at Diyos


The treatment of pregnancy diabetes is mainly exercise, lifestyle modification, healthy diet and medicines. The high fibre, low fat diet is advised to the patient and she needs to exercise regularly to keep the blood sugar levels within normal limits. Medicine helps to treat the abnormally high level of blood sugar thereby preventing any growth abnormalities in the baby.

Things to Consider about Gestational Diabetes


  • If not treated in time, can lead to growth abnormalities in the baby
  • Abnormally high levels of sugar can lead to increased production of insulin in the baby’s body thereby causing premature births and lead to a troubled delivery.
  • Regular monitoring of blood sugar is advised once the patient is diagnosed as having gestational diabetes.
  • Staying active before and after pregnancy, maintaining a healthy weight and eating right can reduce the risk of gestational diabetes considerably.


About Diyos Hospital Safdarjung Enclave Delhi

Diyos is a multispeciality hospital that has various dedicated departments like Andrology, Urology, Laparoscopic Surgery, Aesthetic, Ortopaedics, ENT, Bariatric Surgery, Counselling & Therapy. Our experienced and qualified doctors are dedicated towards their patients and ensure the best care always.

Our staff of medical professionals and licensed physicians will diagnose each patient in a private consultation session which will include a thorough medical history, blood work, physical examination and other health related tests, if required. We believe in perfect medical treatment that provides the quality of life the patient is seeking.

Our mission is managing your health and preventing your health problems. Our approach is to personalize and positively impact your health. The cornerstones of our strategies are early detection and early treatment of health related problems and diseases. Our clear goal is to help you in your hard days and fight the disease with you.

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