Kidney stone treatment in Delhi- Your complete Guide

Nowadays, there are so many treatment options available for individuals complaining about the pain of kidney stones. If you have already consulted an expert urologist, then you definitely must have been advised to get the Holmium laser treatment for kidney stone treatment in Delhi. No wonder, you must be having so many questions in your mind about the procedure, its results and what next. Therefore, to clear all those doubts, we’ve asked expert urologist of DIYOS HOSPITAL, the known best kidney stone treatment hospital in Delhi to share their knowledge about the same.  


How does laser Kidney stone surgery work?

The kidney stone laser surgery is a prominent process of kidney stone treatment in Delhi which is minimally invasive. Minimally invasive means no incision on your body is done to remove the stone/s. Under general anaesthesia, a small lighted instrument called ureteroscope is carefully placed inside the urethra and bladder to access your kidney and ureter. Once the stone is analyzed, using laser fiber Holmium energy, the urologists break down those kidney stones wherever it is located. The high-power holmium laser turns the kidney stones into a fine powder which then passes through urine after surgery. 

A stent between kidney and urethra is placed by the surgeon to enhance the healing process and easy passage of small stones. This tube-like stent is removed after 7 days of the surgery. The surgery usually takes 1 hour to complete, however, the duration may vary on the size and number of kidney stones present. Only the best hospitals for kidney stone treatment in Delhi are known to utilize this advanced technique of holmium laser treatment for treating kidney stones, and DIYOS Hospital is one of them. 

What will happen on the surgery day?

Specific instructions relating to your diet and medication will be given to you prior to the procedure, provided by a professional surgeon. And since the operation takes an hour to get completed, you need can go home the same day and even resume your work in the next couple of days. 

To successfully complete the surgery, anaesthesia is given by an expert doctor so that you may not feel much pain. Only the best kidney stone treatment hospital in Delhi, DIYOS Hospital is known to be equipped with required machines, medication and medical experts needed for a successful surgery. The advanced medical machinery here at DIYOS Hospital for male infertility treatment in Delhi is needed to get positive results at the end of the surgery. 


What will happen after surgery?

You may still experience a slight pain after the kidney stone treatment, and if you have the stent placed between the kidney and the ureter, then you are more likely to feel more pain around that particular area. And this is because the stent rubs around the kidney/ bladder causing uneasiness and pain. You may also feel sudden urges to urinate or find a little amount of blood in your urine. Pain in the testicles or penis is also commonly seen amongst men after this surgery. 

The best hospital for kidney stone treatment in Delhi is Diyos Hospital as it is backed by renowned urologists who know the best effective treatment for kidney stone in Delhi. The doctor will then prescribe you some medications for facilitating the post-recovery after surgery and to avoid stone reformation inside the body. These medications include antibiotics helping against any infection, pain and also to give relief from bladder spasm and burning sensation while urinating. 

It is advised to drink a lot of water so that proper lubrication may be provided to the stent so that the small stones can easily move out of the kidney. Looking for an honest tip here? Well, stay near to the bathroom so you do not feel a problem or irritated going to the bathroom to urinate so frequently. 

Once the surgery is done, you can leave for the home and take some rest. Moreover, the best part is that you can resume your normal day to day activities exactly the next day after surgery. Although, it advised to avoid high-intensity exercises or any kind of strain or pressure on the lower part of the body until the stent is removed. 


What is the follow-up care after surgery?

You know how important it is to care for your body and follow the given medication after kidney stone treatment in Delhi, so as to avoid the recurrence of kidney stones in your body again. Do visit your surgeon to get yourself checked post surgery to determine any complications or problem caused during that particular time. If you have the stent then you must definitely visit your surgeon to get it removed without causing any complications. The urologist will place the cystoscope, a small lighted instrument which is used to remove the stent. 

The removal of the stent is all up to the consideration of your surgeon. Sometimes the stent is seen to assist in the healing process, so it is left there as long as it is needed. The stent can remain as long as 3 months inside the body, so do not worry if the stent is not removed after surgery. However, do make sure you have an appointment booked with your surgeon to remove it at the right time. 

Post surgery, your kidney stone is sent to a laboratory for further analysis based on which the doctor will recommend you medication as well as preventive measures. Urine tests are done both prior to and post surgery to check of its composition and to decide the medication for the same. 

Since kidney stone has come out as a commonly recurring ailment, getting the affordable treatment for kidney stone in Delhi at the best hospitals for kidney stone in Delhi has become the right thing to do. Now that you are aware of the whole procedure, make sure you connect with the expert urologist at the best kidney stone treatment hospital in Delhi i.e Diyos Hospital to get the best possible treatment. 


Do not hesitate to consult your doctor, if you start experiencing the symptoms again. Get the best treatment and stay healthy.

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