Knee Replacement Surgery is the most popular and effective surgery for severe knee arthritis and other knee pain ailments. Knee replacement surgery is also known as TKR commonly and helps in making the person walk without any pain or stiffness. Diyos is known as one of the best knee replacement surgery hospitals in Delhi due to the excellent care and the experienced orthopedic surgeons we have. In this article, the procedure of knee replacement surgery is explained along with the answer to various FAQs our patients may have.


What is Knee Replacement Surgery?


Knee Replacement surgery is a misleading term as only the capping is done on the smoothed edges of the knee bones. The whole bone is not replaced but a smooth joint is created by the addition of metal implants on the joint surfaces. The procedure of knee replacement is as follows – 


  • Incision is made in front of the knee and the bone is exposed.
  • The thigh bone (femur) is shaved off to smooth the joint surfaces, so that the metal implants can be fitted with perfection.
  • Same procedure is performed on the shin bone joint surface (tibia).
  • After that the metal implants or metal caps are fixed on the upper as well as the lower joint surface with the help of bone cement. 
  • The bony movement is checked in order to ensure a proper and smooth movement. 
  • In many cases, the back of the knee cap (patella) is also replaced with a metal implant. 
  • The spacers are inserted in between the two joints to create a smooth joint movement.
  • The incisions are then closed and the patient is sent in the recovery room.


What are the Advantages of Knee Replacement Surgery?


  1. Pain-free and stiffness-free movement is attained after recovery.
  2. No swelling, redness or other signs of arthritis anymore
  3. Patient walks with a stick in the beginning and then independently after the recovery period
  4. No movements are restricted after knee replacement treatment
  5. Some high sports activities like long jump etc should be avoided though.


FAQs About Knee Replacement 


Question 1. How much time does the knee replacement surgery take?

Answer. About 1 to 2 hours usually


Question 2. Till when I have to remain in the hospital after surgery?

Answer. Just for 3 to 5 days


Question 3. What precautions do I need to take after surgery?

Answer. Perform your exercises regularly and take your physiotherapy sessions seriously.


Question 4. Till when will I be able to walk with support?

Answer. You can walk with support on the next day of your surgery or the day after in most cases.


Question 5. Do You have in-patient facility for Knee replacement surgery in Diyos?

Answer. Yes, Diyos is a super specialty hospital with the best-in-class equipment, experienced orthopedic surgeons and the best nursing care.  We offer best knee replacement surgery treatments in India. 


Still have questions? Feel free to call us +91 9910120836 | 01149755555 at Diyos, the best hospital for knee replacement surgery in Delhi. Book Appointment now to meet our experienced orthopedic surgeon Dr O P Gupta – senior consultant, orthopedic and spine. 

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