Erectile Dysfunction – A male issue, not anymore!

A significant number of men nowadays diagnosed with impotency that can be cured now. The qualified therapists are today completely trusting on the modern science. The focus has now been shifted to non-surgical method for treating ED. They are much more effective and work rapidly. Generally, the Erectile Dysfunction relates to male issues when they are not able to get the proper erection required for getting intimate. 

That’s the reason; the concern is increasing day-by-day. To deal with the ongoing problem, science has developed a lot and promotes the healthier sexual life. 

The real cause of Erectile Dysfunction

The arousal of male sexual face asks for the involvement of hormones, brain, nerves, blood vessels and emotions. Any kind of stress and mental health problems might be the reason behind ED. Apart from this; physical and psychological issues also play their part. Mentioned are certain facts which one should know about ED. 

  • Normally, this dysfunction is known as a tenacious problem that causes difficulty in maintaining the erection. 
  • It is the fact that the reason is not only the medical but psychological problems are also considered to be responsible.
  • There are many medical conditions which generally affect the blood vessels and even nerves which are supplying blood to the penis.
  • The recreational, prescription drugs and smoking are other responsible causes. 

Non-Surgical treatment available today

The normal erection depends on hormones, nerve supply and proper blood flow. 


  • Shockwave Therapy


The Shockwave therapy for ED in Delhi is based on simple scientific principle which is really promising. It is actually as a pill free method that shows excellent results. Also known as low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy, it generally makes use of low-intensity sound waves. Such waves generally pass through erectile tissues and helpful in restoring the natural function. This further results in clearing all the plaque from blood vessels and allows proper flowing of blood through them. 

One can choose this treatment over others to get the win-win results. Normally, this therapy refers to patients dealing with heart problems, kidney stones and even joint inflammation. Yes, proper blood flow is quite important for the male erection. Known as less invasive way, the therapy can easily treat the sexual challenge. 


  • Oral medication


Another method is choosing oral medications like Cialis, Viagra, Sildenafil and many others which are available. The offered medications are used for improving the erection by inhibiting the enzyme known for minimizing and enhancing the level of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). The inhibition results in relaxing of smooth muscles and allows the blood to reach the male sex organ. 


  • Vacuum devices


Vacuum devices are specially designed to get the proper erections for men. Being safe and reliable, the devices actually does not require surgery and hence popular among the men. The users make sure that the right kind of pressure is applied. The device generally comprises of plastic cylinder which is operated by pump and enhance the blood flow to the penis. 


  • Penile Injection Therapy


It is another ED 1000 treatment in Delhi which includes the vasodilator injection. This works by relaxing the arteries and enhance the blood flow. It is popular for its invasive nature and highly effective in Erectile Dysfunction. Actually, Papaverine that is known for its vasodilation property is generally injected as a treatment. 

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Delhi now practices the modern ways to deal with the Erectile Dysfunction. Before going for a treatment one should know what the right kind of treatment suitable for you. Don’t worry! The treatment is here now for you.

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