Best Non-Surgical Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in Delhi

If you are reading this post, it is understandable that you are familiar with the term erectile dysfunction and impotence. No wonder, you must have done lots of research and read medical reports online to know more about it and find the best treatment. Chances are, you may have tried some treatments on your own and failed. Well, let’s not discuss it now but rather know everything about the best treatment for erectile dysfunction in Delhi in detail. 

Erectile dysfunction is a male sexual ailment where getting or maintaining erection becomes difficult or impossible during sexual activity. In simple words, if you cannot get an erection while getting sexually intimate with your partner, then you must think of getting the treatment for erectile dysfunction in Delhi at DIYOS under expert medical supervision. 

Erectile dysfunction is quite depressing for men not just physically but emotionally and psychologically too. This result in creating friction and unpleasantness between you and your partner which may worse affect your personal life. Men often feel shy to discuss this problem with their friends or closures and with no proper treatment the condition may get problematic or worse. Some have even faced divorce or severe problems in their marriage due to ignoring the symptoms of ED and getting treatment for it. 

There is no particular age for ED to occur, however, the symptoms might be visible in sexually active youth and men mostly above the age of 40. So, getting the best treatment for Erectile dysfunction in Delhi under expert medical supervision is the right thing to do. 

How is ED diagnosed?

Most of the men often think that only a few questions with a quick physical diagnosis are all that is needed for the doctor to diagnose erectile dysfunction and provide treatment for the same. Sorry to burst the bubble, but there are several medical tests which are done to diagnose and plan for the best treatment for erectile dysfunction in Delhi at the best hospital. 

Here are the tests involved in diagnosing erectile dysfunction in men: 

Physical examination: Careful examination of your penis and testicles is done to check the nerves for stimulation. 

Blood tests: Blood sample will be taken and sent to a lab to check any symptoms for the heart disease, diabetes, low testosterone level, and other health conditions.

Urine tests (urinalysis): Urine sample is also collected to check if any traces of diabetic or any other underlying health condition is present. 

Ultrasound: Under the supervision of expert sexologist, ultrasound is done to examine the stimulation in the blood vessels supplying to the penis. This is done to check any blockage in the blood flow and related obstructions. In some cases, ultrasound is followed up with the process of injecting some medications into the penis to see how blood flow and stimulations work while erection. 

Psychological examination: An expert psychologist asks you the symptoms to know your mental health and to determine how well will you respond to the ED 1000 treatment in Delhi

Non-surgical Treatment for ED- ED 1000

If you are worried about the pain, cuts and blood loss during the treatment for erectile dysfunction in Delhi at any hospital, then you must definitely know about this shockwave therapy treatment for erectile dysfunction in Delhi at DIYOS. Being the pain-free and no-cut treatment procedure, LISWT (Low-intensity shockwave therapy) using ED 1000 has become the most sought-after treatment procedure for ED. 

The success rate for ED 1000 treatment in Delhi is significant and this is the reason why the top hospital for male impotence treatment in Delhi is providing this. 

So, do not hesitate, simply go to the best hospital for male infertility treatment in Delhi and get the right treatment for yourself with minimal risk.

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