Dr. Vineet Malhotra

Clinical Director, Andrologist & Urologist

Dr. Sunil Garg

Sr. Consultant – Minimal Invasive Surgery

Dr. Nayeem Ahmad Siddiqui

Sr. Consultant- ENT

Dr. Mohammad Usman Khan

Senior Consultant – Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement

Dr. Sheetal Agarwal

Senior Consultant – Gynaecology

Dr. Brig. A. V. Ramesh

Sr. Consultant & Cochlear Implant surgeon( ENT)

Dr. Garima Goyal

Sr. Consultant – Gynaecology

Dr. R L Nayak

Sr. Consultant – Urologist

Dr. N K Mohanty

Director – UroOncologist & Endourologist

Dr. Rohit Krishna

Senior Consultant – Plastic Surgery & Cosmetology

Dr. Anurag Singh

Sr. Consultant – Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon & Implantologist

Dr. G. S. Kochar

Sr. Consultant – Urology Specialist

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