As erectile dysfunction is becoming commoner day by day, some novel and quite effective treatments are coming into play, such advanced treatment is Shockwave therapy or LISWT (Low-Intensity Shockwave Therapy). The name shockwave can be frightening but this treatment is completely painless. It is highly effective in people suffering from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, curved erection (Peyronie’s disease), and other reproductive system problems such as prostate infections and pelvic pain syndromes, etc. It is also a boon for those patients who don’t want to go for any medicines, injections, or surgical options. 


Benefits of LISWT 


  • Improves blood circulation around the penile area
  • Helps in providing better erection
  • The results are better than medicines in most cases
  • Increase in the blood supply around the penis area also helps in improving the blood flow in the muscle thus making them stronger 
  • The treatment doesn’t involve any medicines or injections 
  • Shockwave therapy treatment is completely painless
  • The result starts showing as early as within 4 weeks
  • Erection becomes stronger and lasts longer than the initial stage
  • No anesthesia or prior preparation required
  • Results are more natural as compared to other treatment measures of ED as the erection improves because of an increase in the blood supply of the penis. 
  • Patients of any age can be benefitted from this treatment
  • Patients who are on any kind of medicines for erectile dysfunction can also take this treatment without any hassle.


Procedure of LISWT 


The procedure of shockwave therapy is as simple as an ultrasound procedure. The probe of the LISWT machine (ED 1000) is placed on the penis area of the patient and the painless shockwaves are given for about 20 minutes. After which the probe is removed and the patient can go home immediately. There is no side-effect of the therapy and no pain after the procedure. No specific preparation and precautions are needed. However, several sessions need to be taken by the patient depending upon the severity of erectile dysfunction. 


Other treatment options of Erectile Dysfunction

  • Medicines – The medicines of ED are highly effective as well but LISWT gives more long-lasting results than medicines. 
  • Injections – These injections are given near the penile area, about 30 minutes before the intercourse, this treatment gives instant results by increasing the blood supply and thereby providing a better erection. 
  • Penile Implants – This is the permanent surgical solution of severe erectile dysfunction that fails to respond to other non-surgical measures. In this surgical treatment, the penile implants are inserted inside the penis which provides a perfect erection after pressing a concealed button. These implants are of two types, malleable and inflatable. Inflatable implants provide a better and more natural erection as compared to the malleable ones. 


Shock wave therapy is the best treatment to opt for if you don’t want to go for any surgical options or medicines. LISWT can also be used to decrease the dosage of medicines in the long run, as you can take this treatment even if you are on the pills. This advanced method of erectile dysfunction treatment is gaining a lot of popularity due to its efficacy and ease of treatment. Book an Appointment with our sexologist to know more!

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