Reasons why Men Have Weak Erection and Quick Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is very common; almost 70% of the males are suffering from. In this condition, a man tends to ejaculate early during the sexual intercourse. According to medical researchers, two out of three men are affected by premature ejaculation at some point in their active sexual life. Expert doctors at DIYOS say that there are several physical and psychological factors that lead to this condition. However, a combination of medication, counseling and treatment techniques done by the best hospital for male sexual dysfunction in Delhi is helpful in overcoming this condition and delaying ejaculation.  

Another common sexual ailment found in men these days is erectile dysfunction which is also caused due to some physical and psychological reasons. Erectile dysfunction causes a problem in the erection of the sexual organ during intercourse. Performance anxiety is another aspect that leads to a problem in erection but of course, this is treatable. However, if the problem in erection is frequent and more visible then it is time to go for testosterone deficiency treatment in Delhi, at DIYOS.

Causes of Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction 

     Premature EjaculationThere are myriad of physical reasons leading to premature ejaculation. According to the DIYOS, if there is any medical history of this ailment in the patient’s family, he is more likely to face the symptoms of premature ejaculation. Thyroid, abnormal hormonal constituent, and other chronic ailments lead to a long-term problem. Even the inflammation of the urethra and prostate can cause problems in erection. Last but not the least, sudden narcotic withdrawal, constant use of addictive drugs also causes premature ejaculation in men. The most obvious psychological reason leading to premature

Ejaculation is somewhat related to previous sexual experiences. Men who are used to early climax in the past may experience this pattern in later stages too. In the same way, performance anxiety, overexcitement, and unattended relationship issues can lead to premature ejaculation. Evidently, if a man is suffering from the problem of erectile dysfunction, it is obvious that he may have the issue of premature ejaculation.

     Erectile DysfunctionThe physical causes of erectile dysfunction are more visible in the later stages of the life and often treated as a serious physical ailment. In most of the cases, men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction are often diagnosed with heart diseases atherosclerosis. Even ailments like hypertension, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome can cause erectile dysfunction. This is the reason men should opt for professional medical treatment from the best hospital for male sexual dysfunction in Delhi. There are some medicines which lead to erectile dysfunction, so prior to taking any medication to consult your doctor and lessen the alcohol consumption. Sexual disorders are more caused due to psychological disorders as compared to the physical ones. According to sexual medical experts, if a man has experienced some sort of sexual discomfort or dysfunction in the past he is more likely to face it in the future too. Same as premature ejaculation, anxiety, stress, and depression also cause erectile dysfunction. So, getting treatment for testosterone deficiency treatment in Delhi from the best hospital for male sexual dysfunction in Delhi is helpful. 

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