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Andrology is a piece of the bigger branch of medicine called urology that spotlights altogether on the treatment of conditions identified with male sexual and conceptive wellbeing, for example, the issue of male fertility.





Diyos Hospital has a best team of urologists to give a thorough treatment to scatters identified with male sexual and regenerative wellbeing. Our andrologists try to correct and treat male sexual medical problems and infertility by tending to physical conditions that might influence the genitalia, for example, undescended testicles or conditions that may emerge because of damage and hidden medicinal conditions. Diyos is known as one of the best Andrology Hospital in Delhi. If a person requires Andrology Micro Testing in Delhi, then Diyos is the best place to opt for.



Sexual capacity might be influenced because of different elements that might be physiological in nature, for example, heart illnesses, diabetes and hypertension or even mental issue, for example, nervousness and stress. This requires our andrologists to work as a team with different authorities in alternate fields of pharmaceutical.





The reason for infertility is found out by our pros through the intensive examination of the patient and investigation of his medicinal history. This additionally incorporates leading tests, for example,

  • General physical examination
  • Semen investigation
  • Scrotal ultrasounds?
  • Hormonal testing
  • Post-discharge urine investigation
  • Hereditary tests
  • Testicular biopsy
  • Particular sperm work tests

Once the reason for infertility is determined, our andrologists concentrate on giving a broad treatment intend to guarantee full recuperation of the patient. A portion of the

master zones of our andrologists incorporates collecting sperm for in-vitro treatment (IVF) and surgeries for sperm recovery.

In the event of issues identified with hormonal uneven characters, comprehensive hormone medicines and solutions are managed and customary subsequent meet-ups are directed to test the impacts of the endorsed pharmaceutical until the point when the patient doesn't achieve his ideal wellbeing. In instances of hormonal unevenness, our in-house endocrinologists work intimately with our Andrology group to give you the best treatment accessible.

Conceptive and sexual scatter can likewise be an after-effect of extreme mental components. We comprehend the criticality of treating each basic reason and its resultant illnesses. For this situation, you may require advising from our clinicians and specialists who work intimately with our andrologists to guarantee your entire recuperation.

Dependence and substance manhandle could be another significant reason for infertility. Those managing these issues may require recovery or consistent restorative and mental help. Treating liquor and medication enslavement will help to additionally treat infertility. This additionally looks for coordination between our separate groups of andrologists and clinical analysts to cooperate to first address the issue of fixation and afterwards treat infertility. The patient is given consistent direction and unparalleled care to make and adjust to all way of life changes and have a solid and cheerful future.

Aside from this, as a piece of sound family arranging, our male wellbeing specialists direct vasectomies when couples never again want to have more kids.

Furthermore, our andrology specialists have a fruitful record of leading different surgeries identified with erectile brokenness and penile recreation. Genuine intricacies, for example, prostate growths and hernia additionally treated adequately at the Diyos male wellbeing centres. We have the record of 100% success in andrology urolift surgery as a result of having the best team of andrologists in Delhi.

We comprehend your worries of talking about male sexual medical problems and also the want to have a stunning and fun loving family. Our staff is completely dedicated to making you feel sure and comfortable to talk about your restorative conditions with us and allow yourself to construct a family. Diyos is a male andrology hospital which is accessible 24 x 7 to committedly work well for you and take care of your being. Connect with us at this moment!

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