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Birthing Hospital

Birthing Hospital


            Birthing Hospital/ Normal Delivery/ Cesarean delivery/Pregnancy care in Delhi

Pregnancy, though a feeling full of joy and empower, makes huge changes in your body. Many hormonal changes take place for nine months in your body such as Physical, emotional and hormonal changes. Undoubtedly this is one of the best phases of your life or we must say the golden period of your life. This feeling of motherhood is one of the best feelings and the mother and baby bond which is created within these nine months are unique. 

This very special and one of the most challenging time in a woman's life needs more than anything a very customized and best medical care. It is extremely important to have the availability of the best medical team and homely atmosphere to face the challenges and make every woman's life easier. At Diyos Hospital, we travel with you as your best friend through the emotional and most joyful ride. We believe that the care provided by us by providing primordial information, treatment, and support for you and baby as per your requirement will help you to complete this journey very happily. 

We believe that every pregnancy is unique and important as each human being has a different need. At Diyos Hospital, we serve you a wide range of medical support services via our highly qualified obstetricians who are able to cater to every expected need of a mother in her journey of motherhood.

  • Preconception counseling
  • Ante-natal checkup & counseling
  • Fetal medicine & care
  • High-risk pregnancy  care
  • Painless delivery
  • Postnatal care
  • NICU
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