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Center Of Excellence For Psychiatry & Psychology


Personal relationships are the core of a person’s happiness. However, in today’s world, the fast pace of life, high expectations, pressures at theworkplace, etc. take a toll on our relationships. This leads to unresolved conflicts, dissatisfaction, resentment, lack of intimacy, lack of communication between couples among many other marital problems.

At Diyos Hospital , we focus on helping couples improve their relationship. We are among the renowned marriage counsellors in Delhi. We have a team of highly knowledgeable and licensed marriage therapists and counsellors.

We help couples recognise and resolve their conflicts and strengthen their bond. Our marriage counselling will not only help you iron out your differences but also rebuild your relationship. We also help you cope with the resulting emotions and turmoil.

We believe in bringing a long-term change rather than a quick fix to relationship problems. Our marriage counselling sessions in Delhi will help you learnskills to solidify your relationship. Some of theskills include discussing differences rationally, communicating openly, and solving problems together and taking thoughtful decisions together etc.

A Quick Glance on How We Can Help

  • Understand each other much better
  • Identify root cause of conflicts and ways to fix them
  • Learn effective strategies for problem-solving
  • Teach you effective ways of communication
  • Understand the possible implications of separation
  • Overcome your anger
  • Learn ways to move on from marital disappointments

We make every effort to make you feel at ease. When you come to us, be assured of your privacy. We work on ethics and maintain our patient’s dignity at all times.

Remember seeking help is more effective than ignoring your problems or waiting for things to fall in place on their own.

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