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Allergy testing & Immunotherapy


Allergy Testing and Immuno therapy

Allergy is a very sensitive reaction. This reaction is done by the immune system against those substances that come in contact with the body or enter inside the body. Allergy testing includes skin tests and blood tests. With the help of which it is tried to ascertain which allergic reaction has started due to which substance or allergen principle. Usually the first skin test is done because it is intense and reliable and it is less expensive than blood tests.

Allergy has the following symptoms:
  1. Feeling itching, eyes, nose or throat
  2. A runny nose
  3. Water flow with eyes
  4. Stomach aches or diarrhea after eating certain special things
  5. Serious allergic reaction on the bite of a insect
Purpose of Allergy Test

Allergy test is done to find out which substances (allergens) can cause allergic reactions. Skin prick test can also be done for the following:

  1. To identify allergic substances inside the air, such as trees, shrubs and grass pollen, fungi, dust etc.
  2. To check potential allergic substances in food items such as eggs, milk, peanuts, fish, soya, wheat or shellfish etc.

Allergy tests include giving you very little response to a particular allergy and recording the reaction.


Immunotherapy is a kind of treatment that stimulates the body's resistance mechanism, increases or strengthens it. Immunotherapy is used to treat certain types of cancers and imflammatory diseases such as Rhumetoid Arthritis, Chrone Disease and multiple sclerosis. It is also called Biological Therapy, Biotherapy or Biological Response Modifiere (BRM) Therapy. Success in cancer treatment is also not available because it is diagnosed late. But the invention of immunotherapy is like a boon in the treatment of cancer.

Immunotherapy increases the immunity of cancer patients with cancer. Through this therapy, the resistance of the human body is increased to such an extent that it will be able to compete with the tumor.

Types of Immunotherapy
  1. Monoclonal Antibody
  2. Generally body-resistant cells are made of antibody. An antibody which and destroy specific antigens located on the cancerous cell is called monoclonal antibody. They have an important contribution in the treatment of breast, lungs and blood cancer.

  3. Adoptive Cell Therapy
  4. This therapy is effective in treating blood cancer. These are called seameric antigen receptor T - cells. These developed cells target the proteins present on the cancer cells and stick to it and destroy them.

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