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Cancer screening ( Head & Neck )


Screening Cancer Head and Neck

Cancer on the head and neck spreads through boils in this area. Cancer in the head and neck is the largest cancer in the world. It is more in areas of the world, where excessive amount of tobacco and alcohol is consumed. Tobacco is considered among the most important factors of head and neck cancer. If alcohol is consumed with tobacco, then the risk increases. Human Papillomavirus (HPV) has also become a factor of head and neck cancer. Along with this, radiation, supari sucking or chewing, lack of certain vitamins, gum disease and occupational risks are accountable.

Some symptoms of head and neck cancer :
  1. Swelling of the mouth or mouth bleeding
  2. Swelling of the throat
  3. Have trouble swallowing
  4. Hoarseness of voice
  5. Knot on the neck.

The treatment of head and neck cancer depends on the condition of tumor, position, phase, and patient's health. One or more measures can be used mainly in the treatment process. Even after the treatment of head and throat cancer, a deep look is an important part of patient care. Such care is necessary for the patient, so that tumor does not recur.

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