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Tinnitus is a condition when an individual hears a sound that no one else can hear. Different people hear different types of sounds such as ringing, buzzing, or other sounds. This condition can vary in intensity and can be constant or frequent. Tinnitus can sometimes lead to hearing loss.

Signs and symptoms

  • Hearing a sound that no one else can hear
  • Ringing, buzzing, or any other sound


The causes of tinnitus are:

  • Ear infection
  • Excess wax in the ear
  • A pierced eardrum
  • High blood pressure
  • A benign tumor on the acoustic nerve


Different treatment options include:

  • Use of hearing aid, if hearing is impaired
  • Use of a tinnitus masker which masks the tinnitus with ‘white noise’
  • In some cases, tinnitus goes away without any treatment

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