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Due to urbanization and industrialization in recent decades, the lifestyle and food habits of people in cities in India are changing fast. Unhealthy and high calorie diets, consumption of packaged and processed food, sedentary work, lack of physical activity, intake of alcohol etc. have led to increasing obesity in the Indian population. Today, India ranks at number 3 in the list of countries with largest number of obese people. People are becoming dependent on medicines and prescription drugs to lead a healthy life. Obesity has several effects on the mind and body of the person affected. Obesity leads to an unimpressive physical appearance, lack of confidence, depression, psychological and behavioural disturbances and medical problems like hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, etc. It increases the risk of cancers,joint pains, back aches,gout and so on.

The problem is so common nowadays, that a large number of people need help from weight loss clinics/centres to lose weight. If you are looking for weight loss treatment in Delhi, you can contact Diyos Men’s Health Center. Our treatment caters to the needs of all patient categories, such as those suffering from obesity due to thyroid and hormonal disorders, diabetes, pregnancy related weight gain, age related problems etc.

Treatment Process

 The treatment offered at Diyos is customized to the body type of every patient, targeting different body parts where fat accumulation has taken place, therefore helping the person to lose weight in a systematic way. Adequate care is taken to make sure that the weight loss is gradual and not sudden, so that the body adjusts to the reducing weight slowly and timely. Treatment at Diyos is not just a weight loss treatment, but it is about adopting a new way of life.

When a patient enrols for a weight loss program at Diyos, patient is given complete orientation about a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables, exercises such as brisk walk and yoga, information about likely ailments due to obesity, their prevention and treatment, and a comprehensive goal based schedule is designed, so that the patient can lose weight in a systematic and methodical way. The treatment also increases oxidation, releases fat and accelerates lymphatic drainage.

When a person comes to our centre for weight loss treatment in Delhi, we offer a combination of treatments for body contouring, tightening and reshaping using latest technology, integrated with a tailormade diet program. Our expert dietician works with the patient to create a complete diet plan suited to the body type and daily schedule of the person, with a focus his profession and usual physical activity level.

We train our patients in a way that they maintain their weight and manage weight fluctuations, their entire life. The success of any weight loss program depends on commitment and dedication from the client, and following dietary and exercise instructions of experts at the clinic. Our aim is to offer the best weight loss treatment in Delhi to our clients.

Advantages of Treatment at Diyos

The advantages of taking treatment at our clinic are

  1. Our team of dieticians and doctors are highly experienced and have helped a large number of clients achieve their weight loss and health goals.
  2. We use the latest tools, technologies and trends to treat our patients. We are at par with international standards in weight loss treatment.
  3. Our program focuses on lifestyle changes, and sustainable weight management. It is holistic in nature, and includes therapies, body contouring and developing emotional well-being.
  4. We provide nutritionally balanced diets with options and combinations, customized to the patient’s body type and occupation.
  5. Our anti-cellulite program is non-invasive, yet effective.
  6. We regularly follow up with our clients, and motivate them to achieve their goals.
  7. Our rates are competitive and affordable.

We have a feedback system, where our clients review our services and provide suggestions on ways to improve. We take feedback very seriously, and make changes to our programs and processes on a continuous basis. So if you are looking for weight loss treatment in Delhi, get free consultation from our experts now!

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