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Enlarged Prostate(BPH)


Benign (non-cancerous) enlargement of prostate, also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH is a very common medical condition affecting large number of men as they age. It is said that almost every man will experience some symptoms of BPH in their lifetime. When the prostate enlarges it obstructs the flow of urine down the urethra and results in varying symptoms. Although BPH is not life threatening but it could be embarrassing, inconvenient and uncomfortable.

Signs and Symptoms

The most common symptoms of BPH are:

  • Difficulty emptying your bladder completely
  • Difficulty sleeping due to frequent urination
  • Feeling of full bladder even after urinating
  • Dribbling after voiding
  • Leakage of urine
  • Blood in urine

Causes of BHP

The causes of BPH are:

  • Aging
  • Changes in hormonal balance and cell-growth factors

Treatments of BHP

The Urologist may recommend a range of treatments depending on the type of disease you're suffering from. These options may range from 'wait and see', drug therapies, surgery, or some combination.

Holmium Laser Enucleation of Prostate (HoLEP): It is the latest modality used in the management of Enlarged Prostate. In this procedure, a 550 Micron Fibre attached to a 100-Watts Holmium Laser machine is used to remove obstructive prostatic tissue and seal blood vessels. The enucleated gland is then pushed into the bladder, which is later sucked out with the help of an equipment called Morcellator. The whole procedure takes around 45-90 minutes, depending on the size of the gland. This procedure is nearly bloodless as the laser beam when cuts the gland also seals the blood vessels. In most of the cases there is no need for blood transfusion. At the end of surgery, a catheter is inserted to keep the bladder in place. It continuously drains the urine into a sterile collection bag. The catheter is usually kept for 24 to 48 hrs and the patient is discharged without catheter after giving a catheter free trial.

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