Why Stem Cell Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction Is Popular Nowadays

Erectile Dysfunction (ED), no wonder leads to an emotional breakdown amongst men affecting their relationships and confidence. For a significant time, the treatment for ED was purely on medications, which ultimately had a severe effect on men’s health in the long term. Therefore, the need for getting a reliable erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi has risen. 

Even though the medications have imparted 75% of the benefit to treating this sexual condition, the inability to get a spontaneous erection during the sex is still visible. Earlier, psychological reasons were called responsible for causing erectile dysfunction in men but things have changed a lot lately. Underlying diseases such as diabetes or chronic ailments like prostate cancer or any surgical treatments also lead to this condition in men.  

The percentage of men opting for erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi has increased significantly to 10% of all major population. They have a hope that this treatment would help them get spontaneous erection for a longer time during the intercourse or orgasm. Erectile dysfunction results when the tissue responsible for erection do not work properly or fails to infuse an optimum amount of necessary blood into the penis. 

Reason why Erectile Dysfunction Surgery in Delhi is in huge demand?

A huge number of pharmaceuticals companies are providing medicines for treating erectile dysfunction but these medications are not natural and have no long-lasting fix. These medicines come with adverse side effects like blurred vision, nasal congestion, dizziness, back pain and headache. Addingly, the medicines provided by pharmaceuticals companies for erectile dysfunction cannot be prescribed for men having diabetes, heart disease, liver and kidney problems, or someone who is suffering from the stroke. This is why men are opting for surgical erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi, specifically the stem cell treatment to get positive results. 

Stem cell therapy has come up as a hope for all men suffering from ED as it effectively helps in creating a potential base for the growth of new blood vessels in the penis. This helps in improving the size of the penis, its strength, and sensitivity. The stem cell therapy is seen to work because it helps in opening up the constricted blood vessels inside the penis.  

Is Stem Cell Therapy Safe? 

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, it is high time to look for a reliable treatment for it. Stem cell therapy is highly safe and effective comprising fewer invasions in the body parts. DIYOS offers a comprehensive range of world-class men healthcare amenities and erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi at a very competitive pricing. 

Stem cell treatment is a complete three-hour procedure requiring less recovery time or in general, you can go home early after the operation. And when this procedure is capable of restoring the erection ability in men, it is definitely considered as a prime solution to all erectile dysfunction patients.

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