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VEA ( VasoepididymalAnastamosis ):

VEA is performed to treat patients with OA ( Obstructive Azoospermia ). VEA is a specialized surgery and needs an experienced microsurgeon to perform this surgery.

Obstructive azoospermia is blockage in the reproductive tract, where no sperms are found in semen. These blockages can be because of several reasons, viz, chlamydia, filarisis, gonorrhea or tuberculosis. Other reasons include previous surgery for hernia or hydrocelectomy. At Diyos Hospital, our best andrologist & microsurgeon perform this surgery under high magnification, as the tubes are very fine and delicate to work on. Patients with ejaculatory duct obstruction have low semen count, non-availability of fructose in semen and seminal vesicles are blocked. Patients with ejaculatory duct cyst are further managed by performing TURED. ( Trans urethral resection of ejaculatory duct ).

Diyos Hospital, is one of the best hospitals for VEA treatment in Delhi, NCR with best in class infrastructure and best sexologists / andrologists to help you get rid of blockage in reproductive tract (obstructive azoospermia).