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As the human generation is getting older every year and decade, the increment of suffering in the human body can also be seen very clearly. As the body gets heavier with the age, some people start experiencing knee problems. And it is becoming common after the age of 40s, sometimes causing people to go for knee replacement surgery.

On the basis of different analysis, it has been found by the experts that knee pain can increase the survival of elders after a certain age - around 60. There are many reasons behind it, and any of them can result to this situation.

Age Factor & Knee Strength Weaking

Knees are like any other joint in the body, and linked with bones. The weakening of these joints depends on a lot of things, especially if you are not intaking regular calcium and protein for bone strength. However, as the age increases, human bone support starts to fluctuate and problems like knee pain start affecting.

There are other factors that impact the strength of your knee joints:

1- Osteoarthritis:

Osteoarthritis is a common type of arthritis that causes cartilage (protects the bones from breaking down) leave human body vulnerable to knee pain. Experts have found that this problem increases after an age of 55 in most people. As a result, people go for knee replacement surgery once they can’t able to bear the pain.

2- Obesity:

Gaining weight or mass with your body as you gets older also impacts the knees to feel the load. As the body weight increases gradually, knee joints start getting affected by the extra wear and tear. In that case, this problem can lead the development of osteoarthritis that can result in major joint issues.

3- Muscle changes:

As the human body ages with time, the muscles also start to shrink in size. This results in losing strength that can carry your body throughout the movements. Since back and leg muscles play vital role to support the body, they also get weakened as the age increases.

Staying healthy is the only option!

Knee problems can be avoided to a certain extent. It’s normal to feel this problem after a specific age gap, but you just need to stick with some basics to overcome this issue even after 60. Moreover, knee replacement specialist doctors also know the importance of being fit when it comes to overcome these problems.

1- Control weight:

As mentioned above that increasing body weight also causes knees to feel pressure after an age of 50. In order to keep this in control, you need to stck with the right diet. So that you don’t put on fat that can increase your weight with time, and also eat natural foods.

2- Exercise more:

Keeping yourself fit always the best option if you don’t want to suffer from after 40s and 50s health problems. Doing work out regularly, even for half an hour in the morning or evening help to strengthen your muscles. Henceforth, you can avoid osteoarthritis to happen with your knees.


Among all the factors that affect the strength of knees, aging is one of them. Following a healthy routine throughout your life is a long-term solutions that will keep you fit and away from these joint problems.

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